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A typical outsourced software development project would encompass a combination of onsite and offshore components. The initial system study and high-level design are carried out on-site and are followed by detailed systems design, development and testing, that normally get transferred to our India based offshore development center. Depending on the application, integration and deployment are handled either offshore or on-site. With the availability of an array of Internet tools including emails, chats, web phones, tele-conferencing and video-conferencing, maintenance and customer support phases are economically handled offshore.

Our teams carry extensive experience across various domains so as to offer industry specific solutions, under the best of breed technology options and service models that are matched to your business needs.

Software Development
We concentrate on quality software development laying the emphasis on meeting unique business needs of our customers. We create efficient solutions, maintaining high quality software development and constantly seek to exceed customer's expectations. Our goal is to have our experience help you get success. Our strength lies in our ability to solve complicated, non-traditional problems within a limited timescale, complying with the highest quality standards. We strive for long-term co-operation with our customers.

Custom Application Development
IT has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes thereby allowing available resources to concentrate on vital functions - the lifeline of the organization. With a keen ear, we create scalable applications that exceed expectations and demands of the customer.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
In today's business, Integration increases internal knowledge and productivity by enabling users to share information rapidly. Integration automates your business processes for reliable execution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Whatever your needs are, MKT can offer a suitable integration solution for you.

Web Services
Web Services reflect a new service-oriented architectural approach, based on the notion of building applications by discovering and orchestrating network-available services, or just-in-time integration of applications. Web Services is the next stage of evolution for e-business and MK Technology is armed with all the capabilities to take this challenge.

Offshore Software Development
The latest tool to deliver competitive advantage is the Outsourcing model. Many swear by its ability to meet the challenges of today's turbulent business world, by enabling companies to focus on their core competencies. MKT offers a Offshore development to give you a cost advantage too.

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