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We firmly believe in offering exceptional value to our customers using state-of-the-art technology. While our core business practices are built around acquiring and honing our expertise in the latest front line technologies, we strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of the following:

1) Software Development Tools
2) Core Internet Technologies
3) Software Engineering Methodologies and Processes
4) Software Design Frameworks
5) Microsoft Platforms
6) Sun Platforms

Our focus on continuous training, sharing project experiences through our intranet based KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and building a learning culture, equips our consultants, project managers and developers with in-depth knowledge of core technologies and processes.

Mature software development companies realize that expertise in core technologies should precede expertise in development tools. At MKT, we have always believed in this axiom and have endeavored to acquire a strong conceptual and technical understanding of core underlying technologies that benefit our customers.

Home  |  About us  |  Technology  |  Services  |  Contact
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